Remote Disaster Recovery Services Suite (nVision Edition)

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to:

  • Help protect your nVision data with best-practice business continuity methods
  • Get you back up and running quickly and successfully
  • Supply a temporary nVision environment in the event of a disaster
  • Offer you off-site restore capabilities for your nVision data
  • Provide the ability to perform test restores for remote data verification

This solution is comprised of the 2 services listed below:

1) Remote Backup Service

Your nVision data is securely backed up to our primary server on a nightly basis. The service also provides restore and remote data verification capabilities to test your backups. Periodic random restores are also performed by Granite Tech Solutions.

Features Include:


  • Scheduled, secure, logged transfer of your encrypted nVision data to our secure remote server in Michigan, more than 300 miles from your district or municipality
  • The remote server is housed in a industry-leading, secure data center facility
  • Backups are then synched to our secure server in Lake Grove, NY for redundancy
  • All servers are configured with RAID redundancy (this provides fault tolerance which helps protect your data if a hard drive fails)
  • Backups occur in the evening during off-peak traffic times, 7 days a week
  • Nightly backups are stored for 14 days
  • Minimal configuration is required
  • Technical support is available by phone M-F from 9am-5pm EST
  • Data Verification Restore requests will be processed within 24 hours of receipt during normal business hours
  • For Data Verification Restore requests, we provide remote access to a nVision environment; All activities are logged
  • We will randomly test your backups to ensure they are valid and usable data archives; All activities are logged
  • Daily automated monitoring of your backup job and auto-notification upon backup failure
  • Contract includes GTS Backup Agent - nVision Edition software

2) Mobile Workstation

We will send you a laptop pre-configured with nVision and your most recent data, a LaserJet printer with standard toner and CD-Rs and/or DVD-Rs for data backup. Clients will also receive MICR toner and blank check stock for printing upon request.


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